HGV Serves - The power of you inspires the best in us

A Spirit of Service has always been at the heart of Hilton Grand Vacations. We serve owners and guests. We serve each other. And we serve our communities.


HGV Serves, our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) platform, is a reflection of our continuing commitment to serve and inspire. Together, our company and team members share time, talent, and resources in four focused areas to make significant impacts that help our communities go further.



Four philanthropic areas. One circle of service.


HGV Serves supports four philanthropic areas: Disaster Relief, Homelessness, Veterans, and Youth Development. Our philanthropic areas were chosen based on the legacy of more than 25 years of support, including:

HGV Serves - Our Four Focus Areas

For more information or requests, please send an email to HGVServes@hgv.com.